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  • 1 Year Internet HostingMac Creative Design Web Template
  • 1 Year '.com' Domain Licence
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Business email addresses
  • Formatting WP Vantage Theme
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Building & Populating Basic Pages

Buying a Domain on your behalf: We search and chosen domain name and/or offer alternatives under a '.com' listing. On receipt of confirmation we purchase on your behalf. Should you require a '.ie' domain, we can assist in the acquisition, filing written confirmation of the use of your Trading Name/Trading style, or Company Registration details. Subject to approval, we purchase the domain on your behalf.

Hosting the site on your behalf: All domain purchases are made on an annual renewal basis, which include the domain cost and an administration fee for hosting your account shown separately. This service fee covers the cost of viewing your website to ensure all updates are maintained and activated, and to assure we are retained for any updates to your email requirements for adding or deleting addresses. After the first year we can make arrangements for a 2 year or 5 year advanced charge, which may result in cost savings on domain charges.

Mac Creative Design Adding Pages

Below we've listed the options we can help you with in building the strength of your web presence. From the kick-starter platform we provide, you can of course add further pages, such as a gallery, or product listing pages that also include product images (supplied by yourselves and a short description) or editorial pages which are more descriptive to your business or institution. We can add further pages, costed as basic templates for ease, or upgrades such as E-Commerce Shop Cart Pages, or Newsletter facilities as specific costed projects. Remember that we can also insert images like the ones opposite that can be clicked on and magnified, which could be a product leaflet or indeed include PDF down loads like the Kick-starter project costs we have linked here.

Kick-Starter Websites Service Rates 2018

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