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  • Guidence on Domain PurchaseMac Creative Design Web Template
  • Guidence on Aquiring Host
  • Business email addresses Set-up
  • Formatting WP Vantage Theme
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Building & Populating Basic Pages
  • GDPR Compliance 

Getting Started: Search for a chosen domain name or suitable alternatives under a '.com' listing, at (incredibly competitive and the worlds largest register) and purchase. Set up an account on Dreamhost com, again an incredibly competitive and well supported host provider and let us know your account details for both, we can direct the nameservers from Go-Daddy to Host on Dreamhost if desired. The same would apply if you were to obtain a'.ie' domain, from Register or Irish When setting up a .ie, you will be required to file written confirmation of the use of your Trading Name/Trading style, (CRO Cert ideal) or Company Registration details.

Building your website: Often a simple leg-up is all you need to get things rolling. Opposite we offer two basic plans to achieve a structure to get your website working immediately so you can build at your own speed there after. And with the additional options highlighted below we can help you with any specific projects to enhance your presentation going forwards, including staff training and support. We can add pages, such as a gallery, or product listing pages that also include product images (supplied by yourselves and a short description) or general editorial pages which are particular to your business or service. For ease of budgeting we cost as basic page templates, or as upgrades such as E-Commerce, or Newsletter facility add-on's. For more information click on the service icons.

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