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Video is a great selling tool, and sensational when used on social media as a preview, or a guide to a particular piece of equipment, or premies, be it a Generator or a Gym. With a Video your clients get to experience the key aspects of your product before buying into your idea. WordPress has the ability to embed video into Blog Posts and Pages just like the example we have here. Indeed, as not everyone is the consummate broadcaster or showman, there are ways in which we can construct demonstrations from still shots and short 'clips' and editing into one presentation, as our product video shows.

Video Insertion Mac Creative DesignIf you have a pre-prepared short Video clip, and would like us to create a product page, and embed  during the initial site build, let us know. We can also add 'Opening Graphics' and 'End Titling' prior to insertion, with your logo and contact details - for the basic rate shown.

Filmora Mac Creative Design

Full Edit Desk Tools for Splicing and Timing both Visual & Audio.

Eight Track, High Definition File Import/Exporting.

Story-boarding - Music Themes - Captioning,

Screen Graphics Creation & Stills Integration.

Titles & Credits

Mac Signature Water Mark

2 Min Video Rates Mac Creative DesignPresentation Video's

Make use of our 'in-house' services for the creation of basic short 2 minute product clips like the one shown above. We can storyboard, shoot, splice and edit from information and product materials supplied at a base rate shown.

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