Mac Creative Contact PageUnlike some design agencies or consultants, I've been around for 35 years working on both sides of the counter and seen many a fashion trend come and go, and some amazing technology making its way to a telephone of all things ! Running a Marketing and PR department, or selling product and services as an operator, or producer, has been an excellent grounding on which to be able to discuss with you how best to get your business where you want it today in terms of image and impact - without blowing your budget either.

Indeed, I currently have three live ventures of my own allied to the food industry, where I'm testing out and working with the very concepts that could be helping you set up today.  Indeed whilst I can guide you through your own development in projecting your image and brand to the outside world, you could say I'm one of the few that actually practices what's preached on a daily basis. And likewise, know to how professional costs can be crippling for  small business starting out  - especially in Ireland.

That's why I'm always keen not to overload and over stretch your budgets simply to pay my own mortgage, which can happen with Agencies that operate out of very plush buildings, certainly the fee is going in to paying for their forecourt and not so much their expertise.

Having looked over this website, and believe there's a project I can assist with give me a call and we'll meet up.

Regards - Martin

Website under development. Contact pages are fully active for emails and reference