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Newsletter Template Mac Creative DesignNewsletters and blog writing are excellent low budget activities to promote your business and gather a fan base of loyal customers and followers. Publishing frequent news updates and product/service related articles keeps your site fresh and informative. Offering a subscriber newsletter provides a unique follow-up opportunity to target those who’ve either bought from you, or have shown interested with special offers.

Word Press Websites are powerful blogging platforms, and offer extensive article listing, comment and membership tools. Customized Newsletters, email list management and publishing tools are serviced though a plugin. The most widely used being ‘Mailchimp’. Working alongside Woo Commerce Shop Carts, 'Mailchimp' offers templates and strategies to ensure you make the best opportunities of those that visit your site.


Mail Chimp LogoWhen building and managing lists, you can also link any existing Excel data you've created in the past. Being mindful of the new GDPR rulings, you must provide a means in which email recipients can opt in and out of your Newsletter service. Mailchimp's new Word Press plugins ensure that both you and your readers have the flexibility to manage privacy.

News Letter RatesAt Mac Creative design we can embed the necessary form work for browsers to sign up for you News letter through this service provider, setting up an account on your behalf and passing over the login details. From there on, you can learn to manipulate the numerous templates, or indeed ask us to use our graphic and copy-writing skills create monthly news bulletins for you to target and dispatch. What’s more, included in our ‘Set-up’ offer, we create a customised newsletter format, based on the information you have provided in building your site for future use.


Mac Creative Design News Letter WritingNews Letter & Blogg Supports:

Going forward we can offer guidence and introduce staff to the art of creative blog writing and newsletter/email promotion, ensuring you develope the ultimate landing page for your business model. These rates are shown on our Tuition & Support Page. However, as means of getting the ball rolling, you can of course commission us to write and publish your monthly New sheet from information and images supplied. We can fine tune any particular message you wish to project and make sure all the calls to action are there. The same goes for any regular ‘blogs’ you would like to feature which keep your website refreshed and relevant to browsers.  For this service we work on rates as as shown below.

News Letter Design & Script RatesDesign & Scripting:  Includes; upto 1,000 words copy written from information supplied, Photoshop editing and enhancing up to 5 images supplied, design and layout.


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