Low-Cost Websites for Coach Operators, Taxi’s & B&B’s

Mac Creative Design Websites for Coach & Taxi OperatorsWant a low cost website that takes bookings, where clients can pay you by Debit/Credit card? Want a site that you edit and control and not worry whether your web developer disappeared to Australia for the surfing season? Would you also like to benefit from the added security that there’s someone in the wings who can help, instruct, and even build the site for you to get you started? If this is what you’re looking for then our services can certainly meet your needs.
There are two ways to get good sites up and running, the first option is your business ‘self-hosting’. This is where you registered the domain and the hosting facilities are charged direct from the internet provider to you, or secondly, where having registered  your domain, the site is hosted on our own server supplier. The latter is a little cheaper, if you just want to put a toe in the water. However, being self-hosted means you’re in the driving seat always, either way I can guide you and work with you through the process.
All sites created are also built on a WordPress platform, a world renown blogging platform and great for anyone wanting to take charge of their internet marketing presence and grow step by step. What’s of help to SME’s is that you can plug-in services like booking systems, payment system, and on-line shops when needed. You can also build as many descriptive pages as you need, and all at a very low entry cost, in some instances just the price of your domain and host for those with a bit of time to learn the ropes. But as with all tech these options can of course create some confusion and that’s again where I can step in as an experience Advertising Creative of 30 years standing.
Apart from working with a number of Tour operators both in Ireland and the UK, in marketing roles, I still have a coach licence and know the travel industry inside out. What’s more, websites are built from a customer perspective, utilising suite of professional graphic and illustrative software, to make the best of your image projection. And yes, and I have been known to edit out unwanted customers from group photos and clean a coach carpets of rubbish with an airbrush tool! That said, if you’re looking for a professional ‘un-cloned’ look, you can of course opt for a hand crafted illustration.
But enough of me, there’s some great PayPal options out there you can use. From raising invoices through PayPal with a payment button, and similar for quotes or booking confirmations via a live booking system which is ideal if you run a scheduled service, and wish to provide customers with an option to pre-book on their mobile, all of which links to secure PayPal options.
Yes, this could transform your business model, and you’d like to discover more about our Kick Starter Package prices, click the links below. Naturally, I would be delighted to hear from you by phone, or email, martinc@maccreativedesign.com if you have any specific questions.



Web Self Hosting Plans

Web Mac Hosting Plans

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    • Hi Russell

      Here’s a link to our basic kickstarter plans for hosting here. From this base of 4 pages, we add the e-commerce build-up cost of 120e and there’s a license fee with the plugin developer 112 euro per annum which is charged direct. Making 557.00 in total. My annual hosting fee is 10 euro!

      If you were to register the domain yourself and self-host the site with your domain provider, the cost would be 400.00. The costs you would have then would be domain registration and host if that was a dot.ie, then it would be 79.00 per annum plus the 112 for the plug-in developer per annum. Below is a link to the last website I did for a coach company with a scheduled service. Click the Portarlington – UCD and you get to see the online booking system.



      Kind Regards – Martin

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