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Build your on-line store with the world most customizable facility. Easily worked in tandem with Word Press platforms this powerful plugin can product list both virtual downloadable items such as reports/documents, e-books or video/music files, to listing products in gallery format with full descriptions, offering size and color derivatives, plus calculate shipping, integrate promotional coupons, and assist you with managing your stock inventory and orders received processing.

Mac Creative Social MediaLink your store to social media pages, and create a formidable tool for selling your product and driving customers towards viewing your entire product range. And, what better way to preview its potential than visiting our own on-line store at 'Martin's Hot Whiskey'. Yes, to be at the forefront of this technology, we work with it too !

Our Set-Up Plan will help you establish a fully functional on-line Shop. We've costed to integrate 12 product items to help create an initial frame work and to test the cart function. Thereafter we can train you, or alternatively commission us to build and your expand your catalog.

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Manages Stock Inventory and Order Processes

Handles Virtual & Physical Product Listings

Create a full Product gallery with descriptions and sub-categories for size, color, material options.

Calculates Shipping and Offers Shipping Catagories

Plan Special Promotions & On-line Sales Events

Customers can establish their own 'Account Page'

Integrates Shop Cart with Paypal

Integrates data with 'Mailchimp' for Customer list building

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5 Steps To Start Selling On-line.

(1) Establish a Paypal account, linked to your business ( we can guide you through the process).

(2) Send us a brief setting out your 'Key' Product Categories and establish what sub-categories, or product differences like colour size or weight.

(3) Provide a product description, size in (mm), and weight in (kg) and a photograph. Of course we can enhance, crop or cut out images so that your products look their very best.

Delivery Man E- Commerce(4) Define what method of carriage whether courier, postage or both. Where you have a courier, please send in a rate card.

(5) Define what countries you will be delivering too, and whether you will be including VAT in your advertised product price, or adding at time of check out.

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