Low-Cost Websites for Coach Operators, Taxi’s & B&B’s

Mac Creative Design Websites for Coach & Taxi OperatorsWant a low cost website that takes bookings, where clients can pay you by Debit/Credit card? Want a site that you edit and control and not worry whether your web developer disappeared to Australia for the surfing season? Would you also like to benefit from the added security that there’s someone in the wings who can help, instruct, and even build the site for you to get you started? If this is what you’re looking for then our services can certainly meet your needs.

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GDPR Basic Guide

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers. Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice. This is a basic ‘beginners’ blog  on the subject, outlining how WordPress users can adopt best practice regards GDPR compliance. It has to be noted having reviewed industry recognised editorials on the subject, no one is offering the possibilities of 100% effective compliance, given the complexities involved. However, there are some basic procedures you can adopt in pursuit of best practice as outlined below.

GDPR Logo Mac Creative GuideA basic guide to GDPR

The primary function of the new GDPR ruling is to provide clarity of when, where, and how data is stored during browsing and where that information you have provided may end up. Given most of the internet activity and development comes from outside the EU, it  became of concern to the EU institutions that such sensitive data was in fact moving out or being stored outside the EU jurisdiction and may be used without consent, or redress to correction, or deletion.

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